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Hello, My Name is Anthony Bartolo Sr. "Your Online Coach"

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Career Credentials • Trained & Coached 7,000+ Sales Reps and Managers Coached and Mentored 100's of Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners • Generated Over 60,000+ Sales Leads

In 2005, after 25 years of Consistently Achieving Record Sales performances, Driving Over 50 Million in Revenue, Creating New Market Share and Profit and Managing Large Branch Operations for Multiple Companies for Leading Organizations in the Services industry, I made my best new career decision.

I decided to further pursue my passion for Coaching, Training, and Business development. I left the corporate world and launched my Sales and Business Coaching, Training, and Consulting Business. A decision, I am so happy I made.  

My in-depth Sales and Business Management knowledge and experience allows me to know how to motivate and drive salespeople and sales teams, What It Takes  to achieve peak performance and productivity.

By combining my successes in sales and business management, my expertise in marketing and finance and my training certifications enables me to be an effective coach and consultant who clearly understands how to increase sales and improve business. 

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"The Launch of My New Platform to 

HELP MORE PEOPLE"  My New platform that enables me to help more people and get to do what I absolutely love to do, coach, mentor, train, and develop others to be the best they can be.

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    Reduced Costs. eLearning is a cost effective solution as compared to traditional forms of learning. The reason for this is our ability to offer reduce pricing because learning through this mode happens quickly and easily. A training and development time is reduced with travel, course materials, accessibility, and affordability.

  • Business Growth Solutions

    All the Content, Courses and Programs are focused on increasing Sales and Business Growth. Whether You are Sales Rep or an Business Owner struggling with Sales there is a Ebook, Video Course and Content that will help you. Also Personalized Online Coaching available to help you Improve Sales Skills, Improve Lead Generation and develop the business of your dreams

  • Sales and Business Coaching

    Online Sales and Business Coaching is a service in which Business Leaders, Owners and Sales executives, engage in one-on-one Online dialogue with me, Your Sales and Business Expert / Coach will help you Increase Sales to Grow Your Business and improve Professional Sales and Business skills. My Service is provided ONLINE to make it very affordable and easily accessible

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Courses - Content - Resources

Here's What My Other Clients Have to Say...

J Wade - President - Owner

• Anthony is a true sales professional. He listened to my sales process and gave me actionable steps I can take to improve it immediately. I am excited and look forward to implementing these tweaks into my game. Highly recommend!

Joe S - Founder - Litigation Technology Co.

"My company's success was built on the advice and guidance provided by Anthony. He helped me establish effective sales processes and channels that have brought great sales results. He helped identify what wasn't working and made sure I spent my time effectively by getting sales appointments and ensuring I was always working towards the sale. Whether you work in a startup like I do or in an established company, Anthony will help you reach your sales goals".

Nick D.Owner - Chiropractic Services

• This is a " Must Do" call. Anthony is very knowledgeable, helpful and can coach you in many areas to help you achieve your goals. I recommend to get any of his gigs so you can at least try it for your self. There is really no down side here and you"ll find guidance that will propel you to achieving your goals.

V. Parker - President - Parker Agency

• Anthony came through for coaching quickly. He provided some useful information that will help me with my prospects and my new business. Highly recommend. As for myself been in marketing for 3 years, his experience can really boost your performance.

J Peats -Skin Care Line Start Up & Founder

For first time entrepreneurs, we sign up for a world of 1 person with one idea and 100,000 steps to make it come true. It was refreshing to talk to someone who could speak to my business with intelligence, enthusiasm and acknowledgement of what I have done right and what I need to do. I was looking for a professional opinion and I got it. Thank you

Jean Jay - CEO - Virtual Assistant Agency

Anthony is a great Sales and Business Coach and is very knowledgeable on the ins and outs of operating a successful business that leads to results and ultimately money in the bank. If you are stuck in your business and need further assistance, don't hesitate to schedule a call session with him. You will NOT regret it! Thanks again Anthony!


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